March Favorites!

Hey, guys! This is officially my first blog post of 2017! How exciting! I’m so sorry I haven’t blogged in a while but I can now say that I’m back to blogging and I have some very new and exciting ideas to share with you soon!

So without further ado let’s get on with the March Favorites!

First up I thought I would share with you guys my current favorite clothing item! (Maybe even of all time) But then again I do tend to find a new favorite every week so let’s not be dramatic.

So this is a white navy striped linen off the shoulder shirt! From none other than Cotton On. Recently I have been loving the colour white and so naturally I fell in love with the shirt the minute I saw it. It can be paired with shorts or if it is a slightly more chilly day, then a pair of white jeans. Shirts that can be worn in more than one season and on more than one occasion are always rare, so when I say that this shirt is worth it, I really mean it!

Another clothing favorite of mine has been red clothing. Now I know that may sound a little weird and quite vague but trust me on this. A lot of stores that I have been to are selling a large selection of red colored clothing. Bare in mind that most of it are bohemian or fitting in with the theme of Coachella.


But as you can see, I have my fair share of red clothing in the form of shorts, body suits and shirts! I just love the bright red color during the summer season!

Next up we have a makeup favorite! I bought this product in October of last year, which I know is technically cheating considering this is a March favorites but I have gotten a lot of use out of it this month so it still counts!

Yup, I’m that cliched blogger with the Naked eyeshadow palette! But give me a chance to explain. I have been dying to get my hands on this palette for three years and when Urban Decay finally arrived in South Africa, I got my chance. I can easily say that this is the best eyeshadow palette I have ever used! I am a huge fan of nude and blush tones and therefore the shades in this palette are perfect! I have used every single shadow color and so far there have been no disappointments. The eyeshadow lasts me throughout the entire day and remains looking the way it did when I first applied it. Definitely an essential to your makeup kit!

Another March beauty favorite of mine is this incredible smelling body lotion.


This is the Zadig & Voltaire “This is her!” Scented body lotion. This body lotion has a very subtle sweet smell and I just absolutely love it!

Next up we have the best kind of favorite. Food favorites!


Even though it is the height of summer here in South Africa, I have been loving this hot chocolate. You know how you can make coffee using pods in a Nespresso Machine? Well, it turns out it works the same with Hot Chocolate. So every morning for the last month, I have indulged in a hot chocolate, with foam and of course the multi-coloured sprinkles! How can you forget the sprinkles? Not to mention I drink my hot chocolate in my new favorite mug, which isn’t all that visible in the picture, but trust me if you had this mug it would be your favorite too.

Another March food favorite of mine are these sugar-free berry mix flavored candy.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I’m a sucker for any red or pink berry flavored sweets so these are an obvious favorite of mine. Although they contain some sugar, there is no additional sugar added to them, which makes them slightly healthier than most sweets or candies. So if you have a Woolworths where you live, I would definitely suggest giving these a try!

And last but certainly not least…

This month’s song favorite is… drum roll, please….


Kygo and Selena Gomez’s It Ain’t Me! I don’t know what it is about this song but it somehow always manages to improve my mood! It is the perfect song to listen to in the car, with friends or actually anytime of the day. So if you haven’t already heard, go and give it a listen immediately!!!!

So those are my March favorites! Let me know what things you have been loving this month! Anway, have a great week everyone and I promise I’ll be blogging a lot more in the future!!


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