November Favorites

So I know it’s a little late and it’s basically December already but who cares. I’ll just do a December favorites next week and all will be good and right again in the world. So let’s get into what I’ve been loving this month shall we…

I’ll start with makeup favorite. So over the past few months I’ve been collecting a few makeup products that I’ve seen all over the internet. I have become slightly obsessed with the eye shadow pallets by Urban Decay, and thought that they were the holy grail of cosmetics. That is until I found this months makeup favorite. I picked this product up just this past weekend and it has already slid into first place for beauty favorite of the month.


This here is the HOOLA by Benefit bronzer.

You would apply this like any other bronzer, on the cheekbone or perhaps to contour your nose. I was actually recommended this product by one of my good friends Lauren. Thank you Lauren for introducing me, to what might in turn be my favorite makeup product of all time. The reason I love this product so much is because it really and truly does contour your face exceptionally well and allows you to look…well.. bronzed and golden. You know what I always say… Stay Golden. Not only does this product have a brilliant finish, it has basically taught me how to contour my face!

Moving onto fashion favorite of the month. Now this is more of a fashion accessory rather than an actual item of clothing. I guess I can thank Pinterest for my newfound fashion obsession.


All these brightly coloured caps are from Cotton On.


This is my favorite cap at the moment. I’m shady and you know it.

The obsession even went as far as me asking all my friends to go to Cotton On, and each buy me a different cap, as a gift for my birthday. As you can see I have quite a few, but of course I plan on buying more. Way more. You can wear a cap for every occasion, every outfit, no matter the weather. That’s what I love so much about them! Caps are also very easily accessible, you can find them at almost any store. Some of my personal favorite cap selections would be from Cotton On, Topshop and Forever 21. So if you are looking for a way to spruce up an outfit, why not buy a cap!

Next we have music favorite of the month. Now this was a hard one considering my favorite song changes almost every three days. But none the less, I managed to round it down to one song, because it is just that good!


Leave it to Charlie Puth to have you swooning and jamming all night long. One of his newest songs on his Nine Track Mind album is Dangerously. This song is absolutely unbelievable. I am so obsessed with it, that I have learnt all the lyrics in one day. Now incase you didn’t know, my favorite genre of music is Deep House. However, I would most definitely make an exception for Charlie Puth. Thank you for creating such a master piece.

I think it’s time we now moved on to something that consumes our daily lives, and that is social media. So what is my social media favorite of the month? Thats easy… Pinterest. As if I havent mentioned it enough in all three of my most recent blog entries. Well guess what? I’m going to talk about it again…


As someone who has such an appreciation for the fashion and photography world, I deeply enjoy having a lengthily scroll everyday through my Pinterest feed. I am inspired by the art, quotes and beautiful people who fill it. I very often use Pinterest to get ideas for various projects or for my own personal ventures. It is a nice way to just relax and immerse myself in all that it has to offer.

Another thing to do with social media is the Snapchat filters. I don’t know about you but I personally get very excited to see what new filters Snapchat has to offer everyday. So although this technically is not a proper favorite, I thought I would show you my two favorite Snapchat filters for the month.

Although nothing will ever top the infamous dog filter, the ‘deer’ filter is a pretty close second. I just find it hilarious to send videos using this filter, because it changes your voice to become high-pitched. The other filter I have been loving this month, is the shades, not to mention the awesome music that accompanies this filter , which is Now Or Later by Sage The Gemini, and of course after using this filter, I went and downloaded the song.

So although I don’t have a particular food favorite, I do have something that I love, which is ever so slightly related to food… not really.


I just absolutely love this Happy Water glass bottle. Although this is only filled with water, you can fill it with whatever your heart desires. A personal favorite of mine is to add different fruits to infuse the water. A little hint, infusion might be one of the recipes coming up sometime soon! It’s perfect for hot days, because it is a great way to stay hydrated. Also, let’s not forget that it’s aesthetically appealing too, because I mean we have to keep up with our Instagram themes right?

I know some of these favorites of mine aren’t exactly the generic ones, but I promise that my December favorites will be.


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