Jingle Bells!

So…. It’s almost that time of year again. The time where red and gold tinsel gets placed around the house, when we pull out our Michel Buble and sing Christmas songs, place our mistletoe and celebrate.

In fact, in two days it will be one month until Christmas! How very exciting is that? Now I don’t know about you guys but Christmas is most certainly my favorite holiday of the year!

I mean just think about it. On what other holiday do you get to decorate a whole tree the way you want, sing songs and have no one complain (Unless you have a voice like mine, then people might complain) Wear excessive amounts of sparkles, eat tons of food and let’s not forget that Christmas time is also the best time of year to give back. We so often get caught up with wanting the year to end, for our own respective reasons, that we fail to think about how exciting and important Christmas might be to those that are less fortunate than ourselves. I guess you could say that it is my favorite holiday because it is a time where everyone can feel special.


Like I said… on what other holiday do you get to decorate a tree with reams of tinsel, ornaments, and lights.

One of the most exciting moments for me is when you have worked hard to decorate the tree, you have hung all the ornaments and lights, you place the star, and it’s now time to see if they work. The sight of those beautifully bright lights as the finishing touches on the tree, really makes it that much more special. We decorated our Christmas tree very early this year compared to previous years. I guess we just couldn’t wait to get into the Christmas spirit.


These are just a few of our ornaments!


Oh, and who could forget about the holly reaths on the doors. Or in my case, around the candles and on the wooden benches (what can I say, we do things differently) None the less, I still think they look absolutely magical, wherever they are placed.


This is my personal favorite!


But what is Christmas known for? The gift giving of course! How could one forget when it is a tradition to hang up your stocking above the fireplace, and wait to see what goodies you receive! You know it’s Christmas when it is finally time to hang up that stocking of yours…


These are our trusty Christmas stockings!

So if you didn’t know already that I am ever so slightly obsessed with Christmas time, then you definitely do now. Although it is only in a month, it is never too early to start celebrating and jamming out to ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’. So to everyone out there that celebrates Christmas, I wish you all the very best and hope you have a wonderful time this festive season!


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