New Bedroom Decor!

After months and months of planning, searching, pinning and finally decorating, my room is now completed. I searched every store and online store I could find for anything remotely blush rose gold or that contained succulents of some kind. Although this very long process was tiring, my hard work and investigative skills most definitely paid off, as I am very excited about the interiors of my new room and I am very excited to show you some of my favorite aspects.

So I started this process where any other teenage girl looks for room ideas. Pinterest. Ah good old, trusty Pinterest. The lifesaver and dream creator of all things… well in my world anyway. If some of you didn’t already know, my favorite color in the whole entire world is blush (not quite the color your cheeks go) but close enough. I found so many ideas that were so helpful in creating my dream space. I really do believe that it is very important to create a happy, positive and vibrant space, and that is what I think I have finally achieved.

So let’s start where all good things start, shall we… A throw blanket.


This very beautiful and comfy (I might add) woolen blush throw is from Zara Home.



It is the perfect way to add a splash of my favorite colour to my bed.

Now to move onto my personal favorite, just because of the variety… Pillows!


My two favorite colors are white and blush, therefore my pillows all resonate perfectly with that theme.


These pillows in order from top to bottom, are from Mr. Price Home, Zara Home, and H&M Home.


And last but most certainly not least, what would a Tia Katrina bedroom be without fairy lights and of course candles and succulents.


These beautiful rose gold and blush colored candles are from none other than H&M Home.


This very cute pig succulent and the pot is from Woolworths and the light up the letter ‘T’ is from Typo.


And so, this is the end result!

I have had the best time decorating my room and establishing my own personal style along the way! Thank you to all my wonderful family members that helped me to create my very own happy, positive and vibrant space!


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